Stocks to sell

In navigating the turbulent waters of the stock market, it’s probably the right time for investors to identify the worst performing EV stocks to sell as a potential downturn looms. The gathering clouds of uncertainty suggest a need for portfolio reevaluation, particularly concerning high-risk sectors such as the EV sphere. The promise of long-term returns
Summer is in full swing. June can be a great time of the year. It’s time to go to the beach, catch some rays and unwind. But if you’ve got F-rated stocks to sell in your portfolio, June won’t be fun for you at all unless you take some swift action. Historically, June isn’t a
Since mid-May, shares in Lucid Group (NASDAQ:LCID)  have found some support from the market. During this time, LCID stock has experienced a double-digit percentage rally, moving from around $7 per share, to around $7.75 per share. With this slight rally, some investors may now believe shares in this electric vehicle (or EV) stock has finally
Before diving into the discussion of overvalued stocks due for correction, we need to establish one thing about this list: every company you see here represents a fundamentally sound business. In other words, the focus of this narrative centers on trimming exposure. We’re absolutely not here to discuss shorting embattled organizations, which is a different
Navigating the financial sector’s tumultuous waters has been incredibly challenging, especially with the unexpected collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March. This event has cast a long shadow over the sector, causing bank shares to struggle and putting Wall Street on high alert. Amidst this uncertainty, short-sellers and fundamental investors seeking value are looking to
Amid 2023’s continued stock market drama, homebuilder stocks have remained surprisingly resilient even as analysts predict an imminent crash. But homebuilder financial and operational reporting is built on a foundation of lagging indicators. Those indicators may be catching up to reality. The homebuilding market is rife with examples of the bullwhip effect; changes in consumer
Since Facebook formally changed its name to Meta (NASDAQ:META), the Metaverse has been a siren song for investors and companies alike. Billions of dollars have been dashed upon the rocks chasing metaverse profit that often failed to materialize. In such times, wise investors need to cut their losses and sell the metaverse stocks that fail to deliver.
While there are plenty of bargains to buy among penny stocks, there are also a good amount of overvalued penny stocks to sell. While significantly lower-priced now than they were at their respective high water-marks, many of these stocks are hardly bargains, trading at valuations unsustainable relative to their current operating performance. Rather than having high